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Advice On Picking The Correct Size Goal Posts For Aussie Rules

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When it comes to buying AFL goal posts for your club's ground, there are a few things that you must consider before you invest in this important item of equipment.  As well as the quality of the product, you'll need to make sure that you buy the correct size.  Here are some things to consider along with some guidelines to help you choose correctly.

What age and size are your players?

AFL goal posts come in different sizes to suit the age/size of the players and the standard at which the events are being played.

If your teams are primarily made up of older kids and adults, you'll need to choose adult size goal posts.  Likewise, if you only have kids' teams, you'll want goal posts that are suited to the size of the players.  Standard goal post sizes are as follows:

Auskick (Mini) – 6m posts and 3m behind posts

Junior (Primary School) – 7.5m posts and 5m behind posts

Senior (High School) – 9m posts and 6m behind posts

What standard of competition are you staging?

Different standards of competitions demand different sized goal posts in order to comply with the game's rules.  For example, if you're planning on holding AFL events, you'll need 12m/8m goal posts in order to comply with State League rules.  You will also need to pass a facilities audit to hold this level of event.

National level events demand 15m/10m Stadium AFL goal posts.

How much have you got to spend?

Goal posts are not cheap to buy if you want the best quality that will last you for a long time.  However, it's worth considering whether your teams are likely to physically outgrow the goal posts or if you are likely to reach a standard that demands an upgrade.

Straight goals, rather than tapered ones, might offer your club a good option if you want to save money now or are unsure where your teams will be in years to come.  Straight goals are generally cheaper than tapered ones and will be just as satisfactory for ordinary junior matches.

In conclusion

If you run an AFL club and you're looking to buy new goal posts this season, take into consideration the above information before you go shopping.  For more information and guidance on choosing the right size and grade of goal posts for your club, have a chat with a local sporting equipment provider like Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd or seek advice from other local clubs.