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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Ducts for Your Home

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If you're considering incorporating central air conditioning into your new home construction, installing air ducts is a must. But with the many different types of air ducts available, you may struggle to determine which one is right for your residential cooling system. As such, here is what you should consider when selecting ducts from your home's air conditioning system.


As the primary mechanism for distributing cool air throughout your home, your central AC ducts should work as efficiently as possible. While all air duct systems can be designed to work efficiently, some are inherently more efficient than others.

When selecting air ducts for your home, consider what you'll need to do to achieve optimal cooling efficiency. For example, sheet metal ductwork will require adequate insulation to remain efficient while fibreboard air ducts need no added insulation to keep the air cool. 


The different types of air ducts available on the market offer varying levels of durability. Sheet metal ducts are the most durable of all rigid-style air ducts. When designed, installed and maintained correctly, these air ducts can last as long as the house remains standing.

Conversely, flexible ductwork is the least durable as it is made of a spiral wire that is covered with a flexible plastic material such as vinyl or polyethylene. 

Noise levels

Depending on which type of product you install, air conditioning ducts can make loud noises in the different rooms or areas of your home.

For example, sheet metal ductwork is the most notorious for making all sorts of loud noises throughout your home. If you decide to install this type of ducting system, you'll need to add insulation that will not only minimise energy losses but the unwanted noise, as well. However, air duct systems like fibreglass lined ducts and fibreboard ducts may not require noise insulation to provide quiet operation.


The cost of air conditioning ducts can vary greatly depending on what product you choose. Quality products tend to have high price tags. Therefore, if you want to install air ducts that won't need to be replaced throughout the lifespan of your house, you might be better off spending extra on durable products.

While different homes may require different types of AC ducts to deliver the right amount of cold air to interior spaces, the criteria for choosing the right ducts for individual homes are pretty much the same. If you need assistance with air conditioning duct selection for your home, consult an expert. For more information about air conditioning ducts, contact a manufacturer.