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Go Beyond Disposal: Why Recycle Your Waste Oil

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If your industrial operations generate a lot of waste oil, it's time to get involved in a waste oil recycling program. If you're already participating in a waste oil disposal program, you can take that participation one step further. You might not realise this, but the waste oil that you dispose of can be recycled and reused for a variety of industrial purposes. Some of those purposes are listed below. Take a look at the list, and then talk to your waste oil disposal company about participating in a waste oil recycling program. 

Industrial Burner Oil

If you're like most people, you think that industrial burner oil is made from fresh oil-based products. However, that's not necessarily the case. Waste oil can be processed and turned into industrial burner oil, which reduces waste. It also reduces the cost of industrial burner oil. During the recycling process, waste oil is broken down into solids, liquids and gases. Once the solids are separated, the liquids and gases are combined to create usable burner oil. 

Bitumen Products

If you've seen roads or car parks being paved with bitumen, you've probably seen waste oil being put to good use. You might not know this, but recycled waste oil can be used to manufacture fresh bitumen products. This process utilises recycled waste oil and discarded tyres. The tyres are melted, crumbled and then combined with waste oil to create durable bitumen. This process keeps both waste oil and discarded tyres out of local landfills. 

Mould Lubrication

If you have waste oil on your property, it could be put to use providing industrial mould lubrication. Industrial moulds must be lubricated prior to use. Without adequate lubrication, materials can get stuck inside the moulds. This is especially true where steel and concrete are concerned. That's where waste oil comes into the picture. Recycled waste oil is used in the production of mould lubrication, which helps to ensure quality results in concrete and steel mould processing. 

Hydraulic Oil 

If you use hydraulic equipment for your industrial operations, it's time to participate in a waste oil recycling program. You might not realise this, but recycled waste oil can be used to manufacture hydraulic oil. The same oil you use in your hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic oil made from recycled waste oil is less expensive to purchase, which means you'll save money on your operational costs. Plus, you'll save money on your disposal fees when you participate in a recycling program for your waste oil.

For more information on waste oil recycling, contact a professional near you.