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3 Reasons to Use Vacuum Blasting to Remove Graffiti

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If you need to clean graffiti off a building, then you should find a quick and effective removal process. While some people use pressure cleaners or traditional sandblasting on these jobs, you can also use vacuum blasting machines.

These systems use the negative pressure of a vacuum to pull paint off a surface. What are the advantages of using this kind of machine?

1. Get a Greener Clean

Some graffiti removal methods aren't good for the environment. For example, if you use a water-based system, then you use a lot of water on the blast. The wastewater you're left with needs to be disposed of carefully as it is polluted with paint chips and flakes.

Plus, if you use pressure washing or sandblasting, then you make a lot of noise. This causes temporary noise pollution problems.

If you use chemical removers, then you have to take care not to expose anyone to the chemicals. Again, any waste products you have at the end of the job need special disposal to prevent environmental harm.

A vacuum blasting system is a greener solution. The system doesn't use water or chemicals; it doesn't create contaminated blast media. The machine simply collects paint debris internally for easy disposal.

So, you don't waste water or create harmful waste. The cleaning process is also quieter.

2. Get a Cleaner Job

You create a lot of mess with some graffiti removal solutions. For example, water-based systems can make your working area wet and hazardous. If you use regular sandblasting, then you create a lot of dust during the cleaning process.

The people cleaning off the graffiti might need to wear protective clothing. You might need to cordon off your working area and clean it up after the job.

Vacuum blasting is a cleaner process. These systems are fully contained.

So, they don't leave anything behind that you need to clean up; you simply empty the waste container at the end of the job. You don't need to wear protective clothing to do this job as you aren't likely to get dirty and won't come into contact with anything hazardous.

3. Get a System for Multiple Surfaces

Getting graffiti paint off a surface isn't necessarily easy. You have to find an effective paint removal technique that won't damage the surface.

This can be a problem if your graffiti is on brick or stone walls. Older bricks and mortar, or softer and porous stones, don't always react well to high water pressure treatments or to chemical removers.

A vacuum blast system works safely on more materials. You simply adjust the grade of the blast granules to match the surface you work on.

For more information, contact graffiti removal equipment manufacturers.