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Grease Cartridge Storage Tips to Remember

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Many car owners can easily perform routine maintenance tasks, such as lubricating the moving parts of the car, within their residences. However, some of those car owners may not know the best way in which to store the grease cartridges that they purchase. Poor storage conditions can cause the grease to deteriorate to a point where it cannot be used. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should remember as you store grease cartridges within your home.

Keep Them Upright

Some car owners make the mistake of storing grease cartridges on their sides. Such a storage method can cause air pockets to form within the cartridge. The air pockets may prevent the grease gun from functioning effectively when you reattach the grease cartridge onto that grease gun. This is because the air pockets may prevent the grease from being discharged in the volumes that are required to lubricate car parts sufficiently.

Watch the Ambient Temperature

Grease cartridges should never be stored in very hot environments, such as near a heat source. This is because the elevated temperature around the grease cartridge will cause the grease to bleed (the oil will separate from the thickening compound or additive) more easily when compared to grease that is stored in a cooler environment. Grease bleeding reduces how effective the grease may be because its viscosity will have been altered from what it was designed to be for optimal functioning after application.

Keep Them Elevated

Never store a grease cartridge on the ground. The cartridge will be more exposed to contaminants, such as dust and moisture, when it is placed on the ground. Those contaminants can cause the grease to deteriorate rapidly. Additionally, the grease cartridge will be more prone to temperature changes if it is stored on the ground. This is because the floor is likely to experience more temperature fluctuations when compared to a storage area that is elevated, such as on a pallet.

Remove the Cartridge from the Gun

It is very easy to store a grease cartridge when it is still attached to the cartridge gun. However, many people can forget to depressurise the grease gun before storing it. That pent up pressure may cause the grease inside the grease cartridge to bleed oil. It is therefore better to remove the grease cartridge from the grease gun before you store these tools. This precaution will save you from the mistake of forgetting to depressurise the grease gun.

Contact a grease cartridge supplier or manufacturer for additional advice on the best storage practices that you can implement for the specific type of grease cartridges that you purchased.