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How To Effectively Use Trophies In The Workplace

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For people who play competitive sports, the idea of a trophy is synonymous with good performance. However, in the workplace, managers are often less convinced that a trophy is a good way to reward performance. But in fact, a trophy is often a simple, cost-effective way to boost morale. Find out how a trophy could motivate your workforce and learn how to use this tool in the most effective way.

Establish clear, inclusive rules

Your employees will only value a trophy if they clearly understand what they need to do to earn the reward. Some motivation schemes fall by the wayside because the rules are ambiguous or inconsistent. If you're going to reward your 'best team', you still need to explain the behaviours you want to see, or some people will opt out in the belief that they could never win.

Set clear rules and lay out criteria that can include everyone. For example, if you always pick the highest-performing team, the trophy may always go to the same group. As such, consider the merits of a trophy that rewards improvement or changes in behaviour.

Don't set criteria that can exclude people. For example, part-time workers could struggle with an award for most hours worked. Find ways to reward behaviours and achievements that everyone can equally aim for.

Reward regularly

Reward schemes generally only add value if employees see regular results. As such, a trophy that you award to somebody annually is likely to have little effect. Award your trophy at least quarterly so that you have more opportunities to reward the right behaviours and have some fun along the way. Of course, quarterly awards also make a great addition to your internal communications channels.

Consider the benefit for teams

Trophies are effective rewards for individual employees, but you can also get great benefit from team trophies. Individual employees sometimes want something of financial value, but a team trophy is a simple way to encourage people to work together for a common goal. Of course, the team photo huddled around the trophy also adds a 'feel-good' factor to the experience, and managers are often surprised to see how desirable a simple trophy can become when a competitive spirit kicks in.

Move the trophy around

Trophies that gather dust in presentation cabinets rarely add value in the workplace. As such, it's generally better to have a trophy that regularly moves from one person or team to another and, as part of that approach, ends up in a different part of the building. In fact, by making the trophy highly visible, you're more likely to engage everyone in the business and get more collective enthusiasm.

Trophies aren't just for football teams. If you're looking for a simple way to boost employee morale, a trophy is often one of the best investments you can make. You can even buy trophies online from website companies, like Full Colour Badges & Trophies, for simple, easy access.